Help ńeeded 2. try

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Help ńeeded 2. try

Beitragvon Gaucha.che » Mi 19. Nov 2008, 09:39

My last one has been moved to be deleted. again, this time in english of mine. its better than my german.

I am just looking for a guy that I have met nearby Cascavel in the South of Brazil state of Porto Alegre. He told me he is german living since a long time in Paraguay as a manager of a german company. But was intend to move to Brazil. He told me he will move to Sao Paulo where big german industrie is settled down. I do not know his name exactly not his company. The word has been too much tipical german. But okaz he has been quite charming and nice. Seemed to be a bit like a freak keen on techno music and chess.
He told to have been in my childhood town, Bielsko-Biala, too. Is anybody here to give me a hint, where to meet him. Hope this is the right board for it.

Please no sex contact!
Writers of this wishes go away!
The picture of the right is not a picture of me so then no sex offers to me, okay, as in the other post of me and the mails. I am no prostitute!
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